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Short or long summer vacation?

Short or long summer vacation?

24 July 2023

For some time now, an interesting trend has been observed in the hotel industry - more and more people are opting for short summer vacations, lasting only 2-3 days, instead of traditional long trips lasting 5-7 days. Which way of spending a summer vacation is better?

Currently, as the pace of life becomes increasingly hectic, a summer vacation is an important element of maintaining a balance between work and personal life. It allows us not only to break free from stressful responsibilities but also to appreciate the beauty of nature, experience the pleasures of discovering new places, and take a moment to step back from the daily hustle and bustle.

The boost of energy provided by a vacation allows us to approach the challenges in our personal and professional lives more effectively. So, how should one relax: briefly and intensively or for a longer, more leisurely period? Let's see.

Advantages of Long Summer Vacations

Long trips give us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in local culture and traditions and feel like residents of the area we are visiting. Instead of superficial observation, we experience authentic moments of everyday life, enabling us to better understand the specifics of the region we are in.

During long vacations, we have the time to explore the area thoroughly. We can see not only the most popular tourist attractions but also lesser-known ones, often hidden gems!

Long summer vacations also allow us to build deeper relationships with the locals. By visiting local shops, restaurants, and bars, we can learn fascinating stories and meet interesting people who may influence our future travels and worldview.

During long getaways, we can afford leisurely moments of relaxation in an atmosphere of blissful tranquility. Such slowing down of pace effectively rejuvenates our body and mind.

Disadvantages of Long Summer Vacations

Planning and organizing a longer summer vacation requires careful consideration. We need to not only book accommodations but also decide which places we want to visit. This can be challenging if we have a long list of attractions.

One drawback of long journeys is that they can limit our flexibility and spontaneity while traveling. It's not always possible to change plans at the last minute or stop at a place that suddenly interests us.

Advantages of Short Summer Vacations

Short trips offer us the opportunity to travel more frequently and explore new places. Because we can organize several such trips in a year instead of one long one, we get to know many different regions.

Short summer vacations are characterized by less complicated organization in terms of accommodation reservations and logistics. This allows us to focus on the travel experience itself and derive maximum benefits from it.

Additionally, shorter getaways can be more financially accessible, with lower accommodation and food costs allowing us to enjoy exploring new places without burdening our budget.

Disadvantages of Short Summer Vacations

Due to their limited duration, short summer vacations may not provide us with a full immersion in the atmosphere of a particular region. There may not be enough time for peaceful enjoyment of the surroundings, climate, and ambiance of the place we are visiting.

The shorter travel time is also associated with a limited number of places we can visit. The necessity of choice can lead to difficult decisions and missing out on some attractions.

At the same time, short summer vacations can be challenging in terms of full relaxation and unwinding. Especially since 2-3 day trips are usually more intense and dynamic, leaving less time for blissful rest and recuperation.

Where to Go for a Short or Long Summer Vacation in Poland?

In our country, we have many places that are ideal for both short getaways and longer breaks, and one of them is the Silesian Beskids. This charming mountainous area captivates with picturesque landscapes, beautiful forests, and magnificent peaks, offering unforgettable experiences and a variety of attractions.

The Silesian Beskids cater to the expectations of nature lovers, history and culture enthusiasts, as well as those who love active leisure. It is a perfect place to disconnect from the daily hustle and immerse oneself in nature, drawing strength and harmony from the surrounding beauty.

Find Your Way to the Perfect Relaxation

The perfect relaxation depends on our individual needs and preferences. It is important to listen to ourselves and adjust the length of the vacation to our capabilities, schedule, and budget.

Regardless of the duration of the vacation, the Silesian Beskids are an excellent choice to enjoy the beauty of nature and explore charming surroundings. It is a place that offers unforgettable experiences and allows us to recharge our batteries in harmony with the surrounding world.

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