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Sauna in the Hotel - How to Use It

Sauna in the Hotel - How to Use It

26 October 2022

Sauna bathing has a long tradition, although there are still people who haven't had the opportunity to try this beneficial relaxation method. This guide, "How to Use the Dry Sauna at Vestina Hotel in Wisła," is specifically for them.

Vestina Hotel in Wisła, located in the picturesque Malinka valley between three mountain ranges, has a private spa area reserved exclusively for guests. Hotel guests can relax in a dry sauna, salt cave, and jacuzzi. The dry sauna, also known as the Finnish sauna, is a favored place for relaxation, and it's no wonder as the world has been enamored with it for thousands of years.

A Brief History of Sauna

Sauna bathing has a long history in Europe, likely originating from Asia. So why is the dry sauna often referred to as the Finnish sauna? The word "sauna" comes from the Finnish language and means a wooden house or room where heating was done in ancient times.

Since ancient times, it was observed that hot stones from a hearth brought into huts and shelters provided warmth. The Finns likely brought the knowledge of how to heat a room from the Ural region. Over 2,500 years ago, the Scythians placed hearths in their shelters for heating stones, which were then poured over with water. This was a way to cleanse the body and mind.

Among the Slavs, the first sauna-like rooms were created a thousand years later, and similar to the Romans, they mainly used them for hygiene. Even then, the positive effects of sauna bathing on health and well-being were recognized. Chronicles of Gallus Anonymus describe that hot baths were used by Bolesław the Brave. In those times, many communal baths were also established, where residents were required to bathe.

The same was true in Rome, where public municipal baths were meant to address spreading diseases and epidemics. Of course, this was only one aspect. The Romans built their thermal centers with grandeur. In addition to pools, saunas, and massage rooms, these facilities featured sports fields, libraries, exercise rooms, and discussion halls.

Sauna bathing, therefore, has a very long tradition. So, it's not surprising that saunas are now a mandatory feature of many hotel facilities, and saunas at home and portable saunas are increasingly common, often used for cold-water immersion.

Hotel Dry Sauna in the Mountains - What Are the Benefits of Sauna Use?

Sauna bathing is very popular, probably because it is a pleasant, relaxing, and straightforward method with beneficial health properties. Sauna bathing supports the body in detoxifying from toxins, relieves muscle tension, and even helps burn calories. Regular use of the dry sauna has a positive impact on heart function, circulation, and strengthens the body's natural immunity. Sauna bathing is also recommended for people with rheumatoid arthritis. However, before using the sauna, you need to know that several illnesses prohibit sauna bathing, including fever, chronic infectious diseases, anemia, skin conditions, epilepsy, venous thrombosis, and atherosclerosis.

Hotel Dry Sauna - How to Use It?

Sauna bathing is not just about heating up in a hot room. The procedure can be divided into three phases, during which the body is heated and also cooled down. Because it involves quite a process, relaxation should not be forgotten. The air temperature in the dry sauna reaches from 60 to even 110 degrees Celsius, with humidity ranging from 5-15%.

Before sauna bathing, it's advisable not to consume heavy meals and avoid foods that might not sit well with your body. Before entering the sauna, thoroughly wash your body and then dry it. Since our hotel sauna is exclusively reserved for guests, there's no hindrance to using it naked. However, it's a good idea to bring a towel on which to sit, lie down, or place your feet. You should gradually acclimate your body to the high temperature, starting from the lower benches (where the temperature is lower) and then moving up. The first visit to the sauna should last from 5 to 15 minutes - but this is a very individual matter. For someone not accustomed to high temperatures, a shorter sauna session is recommended. After this time, you should cool your body under a cold shower. It's important for the body's cooling to be gradual, not sudden. After cooling down, it's a good idea to sit and relax, drink plenty of water or herbal teas prepared for guests as part of sauna rituals. Absolutely no alcohol should be consumed in the sauna, before, or after.

After resting, it's advisable to visit the sauna again. Since the body has already acclimated to the higher temperature, you can enhance the effect by pouring water over the stones. However, caution is necessary to avoid burns from steam or water droplets bouncing off the stones. Then comes cooling, relaxation, and fluid replenishment. And then it's a good idea to repeat the entire cycle once more. During an hour-long sauna visit, you can comfortably complete two sauna cycles, meaning heating-cooling-relaxation (1 cycle).

Frequently Asked Questions About Sauna Bathing in the Hotel

Why shouldn't swimwear be worn in the sauna?

The body sweats and, along with it, expels various types of impurities, toxins, and urea. Swimwear reduces the comfort of using the sauna and, most importantly, does not facilitate the body's cleansing. Substances from swimwear could even penetrate open pores during that time. If nudity is uncomfortable for you, you can cover yourself with a towel or purchase a special sauna garment in the form of a tunic (pareo) that fastens above the chest.

How many kilograms can you lose in a sauna?

The dry sauna has slimming properties. However, it's important to note that to see the effects of sauna use on weight, you would need to go to the sauna regularly, such as 3 times a week, and spend about 1 hour in the sauna each time. In such a case, you could burn up to 300 calories. Sauna bathing should, therefore, be seen as gentle support for weight loss, but proper diet and exercise are the most important factors.

How often can you use a dry sauna?

Even several times a week. However, it is highly individual, and you should simply observe how your body reacts to frequent sauna bathing.

Why shouldn't you wear jewelry in the sauna?

During sauna bathing, not only does our body heat up, but so do the jewelry, and their high temperature can cause skin burns.

Why should you have something on your head in the sauna?

The covering is to protect against overheating and, at the same time, to protect your hair from drying out. Simply wrap your head in a towel or purchase a special sauna cap or turban.

How should you dress for the sauna?

You can come to the spa area in your own bathrobe (we do not provide bathrobes in the hotel) or you can wear comfortable clothing. In the actual area, which is reserved exclusively for guests, you can undress and wash up.

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