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What massage to choose at the hotel spa in Wisła?

What massage to choose at the hotel spa in Wisła?

31 August 2022

Planning a romantic weekend for two or a mountain spa getaway with a friend, you've probably wondered many times which treatments and massages to choose. What are the types of massages? Which massage is the best? How to prepare for it, and can you enjoy other attractions at the hotel spa after such a treatment?

Partial or full-body massages are the most commonly chosen treatments at spas. They are excellent for relaxation and relieving muscle tension. Facial and head massages are also gaining popularity as they are a great way to reduce stress and unwind. Body massage is not only favored by spa-goers looking for relaxation but also by those who are active, spending their days skiing or hiking in the mountains. In such cases, a body massage works wonders on tired and tense muscles.

Although massage is a pleasant form of relaxation, it is not suitable for everyone. Body massages are not recommended for people with acute inflammations, infections, tumors, and during the first trimester of pregnancy.

How to prepare for a spa massage?

A visit to the spa really doesn't require any special preparations. However, it's worth remembering a few things for your own comfort.
Before the treatment, avoid eating heavy meals; you should have your last meal at least one and a half hours before the massage. There's no need to shave immediately before the treatment, as it may cause hair follicle inflammation. If your skin is burnt from intensive sunbathing, consider postponing the massage to another day.
It's best to remove jewelry in your hotel room and, in the case of long hair, tie it up to expose the neck. After taking a bath, you can put on a bathrobe or comfortable clothing. If you've chosen a full-body massage, you'll be provided with disposable underwear in the massage room, which you should wear during the treatment.

Types of massages – which one is best for me?

Hotel Vestina in Wisła offers its guests an intimate spa area with a dry sauna, a salt cave, and a jacuzzi. Spa sessions are scheduled exclusively, ensuring guests' privacy. So, if you're looking for a place to spend a romantic weekend for two in the mountains, consider our hotel in Wisła Malinka. Especially since our massage room awaits you with blissful relaxation.
You can choose from several types of full-body or partial massages.

Chinese Cupping Back Massage is one of the traditional methods that involves creating a vacuum by suctioning the skin with a cup. This creates negative pressure, leading to vessel expansion. During the massage, metabolism is accelerated, which results in fat tissue reduction and skin detoxification.
Effect – significantly improved skin condition, cellulite reduction, and muscle pain relief. Chinese Cupping Massage helps eliminate swelling and puffiness caused by excess water and lymphatic deposits.

Herbal Stamp Back Massage is perhaps one of the most pleasantly scented procedures. This massage is performed using stamps, which are herbs wrapped in cotton fabric. This form of relaxation is perfect for people who are tired and stressed. The stamps heat the body, making them more effective on deep muscles, and each contact with the body releases a pleasant herbal aroma. Herbal Stamp Massage is combined with traditional massage techniques. This treatment boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body, relaxes, relieves fatigue, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Hot Stone Massage is another massage that uses heat to soothe muscles and relax. This technique originates from the Far East and is believed to be older than acupuncture. During the treatment, basalt or marble stones, heated to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, are most commonly used. The masseur moves the stones along the body, applying the right pressure. Hot Stone Massage reduces muscle tension, thus having a relaxing and regenerating effect. This treatment is usually performed during the autumn and winter seasons.

Anti-cellulite Massage is a popular massage, especially among women, as it has a modeling effect and is often chosen during spa weekends with friends. This type of massage is primarily aimed at shaping the figure in the abdominal, waist, buttock, hip, thigh, and arm areas. It involves intense and strong pressure techniques and is certainly not a relaxation massage. Similar to Chinese Cupping Massage, it supports cellulite reduction and fat tissue loss.

Classic Relaxation Massage is a pleasant and relaxing treatment. If you have reservations about the massage techniques described above, then the classic massage is the right choice. This procedure involves stroking, kneading, and rubbing selected parts of the body with aromatic oil. Classic massage relieves tension from the entire body, relaxes, tones, and calms.

Massages are relaxing and calming, so after the treatment, it's a good idea to extend the moment and, instead of intense activities, choose to relax with tea on the hotel terrace overlooking the mountains. It's also important to remember to drink water after a massage.

In what order to use spa treatments?

Can you go to the sauna or jacuzzi after a massage? What order should the treatments offered at the hotel spa in Wisła be used?
Before a massage, you can use the dry sauna. However, the session should be short (maximum 10 minutes) to gently warm up the muscles that will be massaged later. After the session, you should take a thorough bath and wait a few minutes before going for the massage. Of course, there are sauna enthusiasts who prefer to use it after the massage, but immediately after the massage, it's better to leave the oils on the skin longer, as they have a moisturizing effect. The same applies to using the jacuzzi.
If you want to use the spa facilities, we recommend separating the treatments. Have a massage one afternoon and go to the sauna and jacuzzi the next day, or take a several-hour break between the massage and other activities at the spa.
A massage at the spa is an excellent opportunity to relax and experience a feeling of bliss. It's also a very good way to deal with so-called muscle soreness after intense skiing on the slopes. A massage performed after physical exertion or training supports the lymphatic system, improves circulation, and even prevents muscle pain the next day.

Hotel Spa Vestina in Wisła guarantees its guests great privacy, so if you're coming for a romantic weekend, remember to book a massage in advance and reserve your spa sessions. We also invite you to take advantage of our packages, which include a welcome fruit platter and a romantic three-course dinner with a bottle of wine.

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